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Discovery Specialists Marketing Brochure

For easy and convenient access to DS services and capabilities, download our printable marketing brochure. DS is a full service document support company. Our team is comprised exclusively of engineers and computer scientists (many with dual law and business degrees) – a unique and differentiated position in the e-discovery industry.


  • Collection

    The collection of documents and data can make or break an entire litigation. Our team has years of experience working within large and small corporations.  We understand how data is stored, where data is likely to be stored, and the best and most efficient ways to collect this data to ensure information is not accidentally altered or destroyed.

  • Data Mining

    Organizing and understanding this data is crucial for any litigation. Discovery Specialists can help peer into the data and search, filter, and organize this data for further review. We can help in both reducing the volume of documents that need to be produced and delivering valuable insights by analyzing documents produced by the opposing party – even if they are delivered in PDF or TIFF format.

  • Forensics

    We provide a full spectrum of forensic services including: data recovery, password unlocking, re-creation of meta-data, tracking the path a document has taken through a network, or examination of out-dated technology.

  • Production

    There are many options for the production of documents in today’s complex world of litigation. The options range from paper production to native file production, and all flavors in between. Our experienced engineers can show you the advantages and disadvantages of each production type and the demands that will be placed on both you and the opposition for review.

  • Translation services

    Comprehensive set of services to assist legal teams in more effectively managing electronic discovery process in modern litigation cases which are increasingly international in nature and often contain documents in several languages. We offer both machine language translation as well as hand translation.

  • Reporting

    Throughout the collection, data mining, and production stages it is critical for lawyers to understand what is happening with the documents and keep track of the entire process. We understand this need and provide reports throughout the process memorializing the steps taken and results of each procedure. This is invaluable later in a case when memories fail and an understanding of certain documents or steps taken needs to be explained.

Welcome to the age of discovery:

Customized electronic discovery solutions with unparalleled features and flexibility to meet every need.

Discovery Specialists has over a decade of experience in search, mining data, and development of custom software. Our team is comprised exclusively of engineers, computer scientists and litigation experts. This structure enables us to deliver state of the art services in the challenging and rapidly changing field of electronic discovery and management of legal documents.